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Your learning journey with The White Apple Company:
LIVE ONLINE English tuition with fully qualified native British teachers

The White Apple Company has grown out of the personal learning experience of its founder Dasha White who understands first-hand the joys and challenges of learning English. With over 20 different online English lesson formats we offer something for every stage of English language learning from the very young, through to school, university and career, through to general interest and cultural experiences.

Learn English online or in England, and it will open up a new world to you, a world of possibilities. We are here to help and we pride ourselves on the support we offer students wherever their learning journey takes them. Whether you’re looking to change your life, achieve something you’ve always dreamed of, drive your career, or give your child the best start, we’re here to help you make anything possible. And if your dream is to visit England we can help you to achieve that too. London is closer than you think and with our expertise we guarantee an experience no one ever forgets.

We’re here to help you every step of the way with caring, supportive advice based on our unrivalled knowledge and understanding. So, what have you got to lose? Contact us now to find out how YOU can change your life for ever.

English lessons online on Skype
For young learners

ONLINE: We regularly support learners as young as six and have developed learning plans for even younger children. Our highly trained and caring English teachers can deliver either individual or group lessons for young learners. These are tailored to their needs and interests, developing plans that appeal to childrens’ interests such as hobbies, books or fairytales. Our age appropriate materials and techniques keep them interested and motivated. Courses include Easy English for Children, Easy Grammar, and also Pronunciation course.

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English courses in England

For teenagers

ONLINE and in the UK: Our online courses support teenagers’ English language skills through fun learning activities such as our Discussion Club for teenagers, and ensure progress on key skills needed for English Exams. We also offer children aged 14+ a range of English language programmes in England, whether they come to the UK on their own and live with an English teacher while learning, or  join a learning group at one of the UK’s leading language schools, or come as part of an organised group. Our Summer camp for children aged 11-17 is always popular, with many students returning each year. It’s a great way to develop confidence in language skills and experience English culture while also making new friends. School study trips are another effective and fun way to consolidate and improve language skills and to understand the English culture.

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Education in England

Formal education

In the UK: Many people choose to send their children to British schools to enjoy an education recognised around the world. The White Apple Company offers a full boarding school or university placement service. Also, it is a legal requirement that any child under the age of 18 studying in the UK for 6 months or more needs to have a UK resident guardian. Our guardianship service offers peace of mind and much needed support for children and parents. We also offer a range of UK based GCSE/IGCSE courses for 14+ learners, and A Levels  for learners over 16 together with Foundation courses offering a fast-track route into British Universities. In addition we offer support with the online HND National Business Diploma.

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Development courses for teachers of English in London

Adult students

ONLINE and in the UK: It’s never too late to build on your English skills whatever level you are at, and whatever your objective; whether it is to gain a recognised qualification, support your career or just to have fun. We offer a wide range of online and UK based opportunities. Our online English courses include Conversational English, Travel English, a Discussion Club, a Book Club, a Movie Club, Pronunciation and many more. Our UK based English language courses are specially designed to meet your needs, whether you come to England on your own, join a group at one of our leading colleges or come as part of your own organised group. Individual English courses in England cover the key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and offer the opportunity to live in your tutor’s home, immersing yourself completely in the experience. Our English Plus course, for example, enables you to combine English studies with a specific interest such as cookery, music, flower arranging, literature or walking. We can also help you see more of England with organised excursions offering a host of memories of historic cities, charming seaside towns and the iconic capital of England. If you’d prefer to learn in a formal group situation why not choose one of our English courses either in London, Oxford or Stratford on Avon.

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Business English lessons online via Skype

Supporting you career

ONLINE and in the UK: English language skills can support your career development whether at home or working overseas. Our online English courses for Work with British teachers cover key skills such as Job Interview Preparation, Business English for Work, General Business English, Executive English Training, Business Role Plays and Business Proofreading. Our Business courses for work include Medical English, English for Carers, Hospitality and Tourism, Restaurant Staff, Finance and Accounting, PAs and Secretaries, Building and Construction as well as Legal English and IT English. We also offer a British Life and Traditions course covering British traditions and culture. If you are an English teacher or are seeking to move into teaching we offer an online course Teacher Training or intensive Teacher Training courses in London including Creative Methodology, Professional Development and Methodology and Language Skills.


Learning English? We can help. Whatever your goals are, we have the subject and learning method to suit you. We know that anything is possible, and time and time again we help people achieve their dreams. Now is the time to let us help you achieve YOURS. Get in touch to find out just what is possible!  
~ Dasha White, the founder, and The White Apple Company team

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