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Location: London, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham
Duration: from 1 to 16 weeks
Arrival and departure date: on Mondays
Minimum age: 14 y.o.
Entry Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate or Advanced
Cost: Course fee plus Registration fee

“Live and Learn” courses: Why study English in the teacher’s home?

Faster Progress

All our students who come to us have goals they want to achieve. We ensure that everything you do is working towards achieving your goals. One to one is a more intensive environment to learn so progress will be faster.

Full Immersion

The big advantage of a “Live and Learn” English course is that you are immersed in the language and culture. In addition to your stimulating one to one classes and your self-study time there are many opportunities to practise your language. Make the most of being in an English speaking environment by spending time with your host family in the daily life and on enjoyable activities outside class that will really help your English improve.

Be selfish. Your speed, your needs, your level

If you are motivated to learn English, but don’t have much time then one to one is your solution. Group classes can be good, but they may not be quite focused on your precise needs. If you only have two weeks, why not have a course which is exactly what you want.

Cost efficient

Because you make faster progress in a full immersion environment of a “Live and Learn” one to one course, you can come for a shorter period of time. This will save you time and money! Our classes are also a great value for money – lessons are 60 minutes long.


For many of our clients they are looking for something a bit different, a bit personalised. We offer classes every week of the year, even over Christmas and New Year.

Our Host Tutors

We recruit the best tutors and make sure they stay with us by giving them lovely students that they enjoying welcoming into their home! They are chosen for their teaching ability, as well as their hospitality and welcoming nature. In addition they all offer clean comfortable accommodation. All our families have been personally vetted and conform to the British Council regulations for home stays. Our homes are more than just clean, neat and comfortable. The key to the programme is hospitality and making the student feel at home. You will have a comfortable, single study bedroom. Bed linen is changed weekly and laundered by the family. There are extra blankets available for cold weather. 99% of our host tutors have broadband internet connection. If you would like a private bathroom please request this when enrolling.

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two” ~ Geoffrey Willans



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