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We place great emphasis on our selection of online English teachers. We look for well-educated, dynamic, interesting people who will be capable of motivating all their students. Teachers must be fully qualified and be experienced in working with foreign students; they have prepared themselves for their inter-cultural task through intensive studies, and been trained in both traditional and more modern teaching methods e.g. role-plays, rhythm exercises and word games.
You will find the teachers friendly but efficient, and capable of responding to your particular learning requirements. Throughout your course, your English teacher will be a supportive, understanding guide to the learning process who will monitor your progress and create opportunities for practice in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Watch and read feedback from our students, book a free Demo English Skype lesson today and see for yourself!


  • Ms Natalie Thoren

    My name is Natalie. I'm a British TEFL teacher with over 12 years experience of teaching English. I'm originally from London, but spent many years living in Spain in both Madrid and Malaga. As a result, I speak pretty fluent Spanish. Now I have settled in Leeds in the north of England.
    I received my degree, an MA English at Glasgow University, and later studied CELTA at International House in London. I have experience of teaching all age groups, from four years old to sixty. My classes have ranged from elementary to proficiency level. I have given business classes and also very successfully taught students for Cambridge exams from elementary to advanced levels.
    I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and in my free time, I help to organise meetings with fellow 'Sherlockians'. They’re great fun! I also love walking (briskly in the hills in all weathers), swimming, gardening (although I'm not very good at it), playing with my cats, watching films, comedy, cooking and eating!
    Although obviously I take my students' lessons very seriously, and work on them carefully, I do believe learning a language should be fun. It should not be thought of as hard work. I'm pleased when my students laugh but learn at the same time. I can be quite strict on the grammar though! Most importantly, I will treat you, if you’re my student, as an individual with your own language learning needs, and I will make sure that your lessons are interesting, fun, and exactly what YOU need to progress with your English. ~ Natalie
  • Ms Joanna Stone

    Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Joanna and I am British, born in the UK. I have been teaching English for the last 19 years and my students have come from all over the world with different levels. I lived in Italy for a year near Milan and then 6 years in Sicily where I had my own teaching business. After that I came back to the UK and have been teaching at local schools.
    I am a qualified First Certificate and CAE written exam marker with Cambridge English, and I am very experienced with IELTS, PET and KET. I have recently been promoted to Senior Examiner with the British Council where I oversee all the written and spoken exams examiners mark.
    I love teaching communication and my speciality is spoken English and conversational classes. Regarding my education, I studied Psychology at Royal Holloway University and held a Research Post at Liverpool University as a Criminal Profiler. I then went travelling around Europe for a couple of months, visiting Italy, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Slovakia. After I came home from travelling, I did a teaching (TEFL) qualification and my teaching life began.
    In my spare time, I love reading and writing little stories. I am also interested in the paranormal ( I've been on many 'ghost hunts'), in Egyptology and historical events (this would have been my other career choice!), and I love visiting museums or places which display items from that time period. But above all, I really enjoy taking my long haired miniature Dachshund called Hugo on long walks.
    When I’m teaching, I like to make sure that I listen to my students carefully and that they always feel they are getting better and better. I look forward to "meeting'' you online and help YOU improve your English! ~ Joanna
  • Ms Rachel Chafer

    My name is Rachel and I live in South Yorkshire with my family. I graduated from York St John's University when I was twenty-two, and my background subjects from A-Level were Performing Arts and English. After University I decided I wanted to travel to other places. This was a good opportunity for me to get a job teaching English. I lived in Korea for two years, working at a private English school and teaching students of all ages.
    My work included teaching elementary students phonetics and simple beginner language skills. I worked with middle and high school students to help prepare them with speeches for English competitions. During the Summer and Winter months I would organise and carry out camp for the school. This was an intense English study time that lasted for 4 weeks, including exam preparations, lots of homework and performances in English. I would often give presentations to the parents of my students to show them what we were learning, and I would also teach my students how to give presentations on world topics. In the evenings I would teach older students who were looking for help getting into University or adults who wanted to simply converse with a native English speaker.
    Since coming back to the UK, I have been on a couple of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses and advanced my teaching skills in Business English. I am very proud of my success as a teacher and grow confident with every new student I teach.
    My personal interests include reading many different genres of fictional books. I also love to write on the internet with friends I met over seas, and I love working on small art projects for friends. This includes pencil drawing and digital art design. I love to play video games as well and I am also good at Chess and Backgammon.
    My future goals are to travel the world, to as many different places as possible. For now though, I am happy to spend time with my family, to write and work from home and enjoy the English life I missed very much when working abroad. ~ Rachel
  • Mrs Emma Rabbitt

    Hello, my name is Emma and I have been teaching EFL for over 9 years​. I was born and grew up in the UK. I started teaching in Japan and subsequently went on to teach in Spain, Chile and Britain. I have taught people of all ages from 2 years old up to 60 plus and all levels from beginner to advanced. I have prepared students for a number of Cambridge exams as well as helping students improve their English for specific purposes, such as specific industries or for particular projects or interviews.
    After living many years in Spain I speak Spanish fluently. I currently live in Birmingham in the UK with my Bolivian husband and three small children. Since becoming a mother I have become interested in cooking and as a family we love trying new types of food regularly. I also love spending time outside with my family, walking in the countryside, having picnics and helping my children learn about nature. My individual interests include reading, watching films and listening to music. I hope to rekindle my interest in travelling one day when my children are older.
    As for my teaching, I try to create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere with my students which I think helps the learning process. I also believe in error correction as a strong tool for language improvement and make sure I observe my students English very closely to help me see where attention needs to be focussed. I enjoy my job and my students enjoy their lessons, I hope to help you too. ~ Emma
  • Mr Patrick McCarry

    I have worked in Education for 22 years in a variety of roles and contexts including primary and secondary schools, international schools, university and private industry. I have worked in Senior Management since 1996. Throughout this period my focus has, at all times, been on the development of people within specific subject areas such as EFL but most importantly as human beings.
    My work over the years has included working with people on a one to one basis, small groups, large classes and training up to 200 professional educators at a time. Through this I have learnt how unique and individual every person is and that through enthusiasm and belief, incredible results can be accomplished. I am a professionally qualified teacher and more recently a qualified life coach. I integrate this training into the tutoring work that I am currently engaged in.
    I began TEFL work in 1998 when I was employed as Director of Studies for TEFL in a large school of 3000 children in Thailand. My job was to teach classes of 60 children at a time, in addition to training and assessing the 25 teachers in the department and developing the school curriculum. This was a wonderful experience and gave me a great opportunity to affect the education of children from 3-18 years old. More recently I was employed by Ardmore Language schools as a Centre Director where I was responsible for 50 staff and 200 children at a time. This involved supervising the whole project, in addition to assessing the teachers and supporting them in their delivery.
    My academic background is strong and I know what it takes to realise one’s potential in this field. I have worked long enough in education to know that talent is not enough and I also know that each student will be motivated in slightly different ways. My work in education and coaching has taught me how to help motivate people to achieve their very best and to truly believe in themselves. I believe this to be a real strength of mine. ~ Patrick
  • Mrs Ruth Martins

    Hello! My name is Ruth, I am English but I have been living in Scotland for the last five years. When I finished my degree in the late nineties at the University of Surrey, I decided to go travelling. As I’d always known from an early age that I wanted to be an English teacher, I decided to get my CELTA qualification as this would allow me to combine my two passions in life - teaching and travelling. Once I gained the qualification, I joined a European Educational company with a number of schools located in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. This enabled me to get cultural and professional experience through working in the different locations over a number of years. In the last location, I also had the opportunity to work as a School director and Teacher Trainer. When I returned to the UK to have a family I trained as an ESOL (English for Speakers of other languages) and worked in colleges, helping immigrants not only to learn English but also to develop the cultural skills that would enable them to fully integrate in their local communities. I also qualified as a translator and interpreter and was able to work very closely with the local authorities. I decided to take a career break 5 years ago in order to develop my managerial skills and worked as a Senior Manager with a non-profit organisation providing care and support for the vulnerable living in the community. Finally 2 years ago, my passion for teaching became too strong and I returned to teaching, this time online. I love online teaching. It’s very practical, convenient and I believe it to be the best way to create a close and successful relationship with the student. My family is my other passion and I try to spend as much quality time with my three boys. We also love travelling and exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside and the isles around the coast. My final and secret passion is cooking. I am a true foodie in the sense I love all that is connected with food; growing it, tasting it and finally cooking it. I have even created a food blog where I share all my cooking experiences and recipes. Well, if you’re still reading this, after such a long speech I thank you for getting this far and I can assure you that I will do my very best to make your lessons interesting, fun and most of all fulfilling. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling for a Teacher than to see a happy confident student! Best wishes, Ruth
  • Mrs Lisa Marks

    My name is Lisa. I am British and have been teaching English for eleven years. I’ve just come back to England after teaching in Maldives for the Four Seasons Hotel group. My job there was really varied, from one-to-one business classes with staff to giving private tuition to guests from all over the world. I also taught big group classes with our apprentices, who needed my help to learn English so they could get a job with the company after training. It was really lovely seeing them all making their graduation speeches in really great English.
    I took my UCLES Celta Diploma at Oxford House College in London and after qualifying I worked for International House in London where we showed our students the sights of London as well as taking classes. I then went off to Thailand for my first teaching job abroad which seems like a very long time ago now!
    I’ve also got a BA (Hons) English Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Writing, and I like to encourage my students to keep studying as learning a language is a challenge but it can be fun and it makes you very proud to make progress.
    In my free time I love writing, reading and making cakes, and keeping up with the friends me and my Czechoslovakian husband have made on our travels.
    Because of my life experiences, I can understand how hard it is to try to learn a new language and this helps me relate to my students a lot. As a teacher, it’s very important for me that you, as a student, truly feel that your progressing with your English and becoming more and more confident each lesson. ~ Lisa
  • Ms Vicky Tubb

    Hello, I have been a CELTA qualified English Language Teacher for four years. My first English teaching experience was in Thailand, where I spent a year teaching at a secondary school and a year teaching at a primary school. Many of these children spoke little English and it was great experience developing interactive and fun lessons, using actions, drama and songs to improve their English. I then taught at a lovely little language school teaching adult students from all over the world, as well as teaching school groups. I have recently moved to Hove and started working as an online language teacher with The White Apple Company. I really enjoy personalising lessons and teaching them to a wide variety of students. Outside teaching my passion lies in the environment and nature. I enjoy country walks, camping and generally learning about wildlife. I am also really interested in natural health and I work part time as an alternative therapist, doing Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, which is an ongoing source of learning and wonderment! When I teach online, I adapt each lesson depending on the requirements of the student, bringing out their strengths and working on their weaknesses. I enjoy teaching pronunciation to develop confidence as well as teaching topic based lessons to enhance learning and communicative practice. I look forward to meeting you soon! ~Vicky
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