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Watch some examples of our English Skype lessons and see how easy it is to speak to a native teacher –
they have skills and experience to make your English lessons fun, regardless of your level!


Lesson example for Intermediate level
 Lesson example for Lower Intermediate level

  Lesson example for Business English Skype lesson
Lesson example for children (Intermediate level)
Lesson example for teenagers (Upper Intermediate level)
English Skype lesson with a group of school children:

Students testimonials for Online English Lessons with British teachers:

Natasha, 19, Moscow I wanted to have the most intense course possible to practise my English and increase my chances of getting the highest marks in the IELTS exam that I wanted to take back at home in Moscow. Online IELTS preparation course with The White Apple Company was intensive but great and I definitely got what I wanted out of it. My online teacher Rachel was amazing and very supportive, we made good friends! I’d recommend The White Apple Company to anyone wanting to make big progress in speaking English!

Luca, 41, Rome  For the last 2 months I have been doing Skype lessons once a week. I love how flexible the lessons are and I can definitely feel myself making big progress. I’d like to thank Joanna for being an amazing online English teacher!! Will be booking another 3 months after I finish this course.

Nadia, 32, Minsk  I’ve just started a new job which requires me to speak and understand English and thanks to The White Apple Company now I can. So far I have had around 20 Skype lessons with Emma –it’s great because I can do them on my lunch break at work which is very convenient. I find lessons challenging but it’s worth it for fast progress!




Lena 54, Russia  I love my English Skype sessions! I’ve started to do them as a hobby after retiring as I love to travel and I dream about coming to England one day! My English teacher is amazing and friendly and works hard to make sure I understand everything! Thank you White Apple Company!

Rubin, 36, Italy  I am at University in Italy so don’t have a lot of time for one to one classroom lessons so online lessons on Skype are perfect for me –they fit around my university schedule and I get to choose how often I do them. I’m very happy with the services provided by The White Apple Company.

Per, 29, Sweden  I have just started lessons twice a week over Skype. I always receive course materials well before my class, there is also set homework to complete between each lesson and I was given a short test that examined my progress. I will definitely be carrying on with the course and booking more lessons in the future. Thank you!




Michael, 44, Madrid  For a long time I was looking very hard for a good flexible native online English Teacher –they are VERY hard to find so when a friend told me about Skype Lessons with The White Apple Company I had to try them, I’ve now done 6 lessons and just booked 6 more! The English teacher I work with is great, Natalie is very dynamic and I am confident i will progress fast.

Lola, 16, Barcelona  My mother signed me up to Skype lessons with British teacher Kelly and I really enjoy them, I can understand much more now. I am hoping to come to England next year for an English course in London! I’m really excited!

Paul, 33, Italy  Big praises to The White Apple Company and my teacher Joanna who helped me improve my English to prepare me for a business trip to England. It’s been hard at times but online lessons are now my favourite way to learn English! Thank you!


Students testimonials for English courses in England:

Paulo from Italy, 24 yrs  I wanted to come to England for 2 weeks Business English Course and Im so pleased that I chose Stratford upon Avon! During my stay I also visited London, Warwick and Bath with the other students. England really is an amazing country! I lived with an English family walking distance from college, I had my own room and my host family was so nice! I made lots of friends from different countries. Thanks White Apple Company! I will come again next year for longer than 2 weeks.

Sofia from Italy, 15 yrs  I came to Stratford upon Avon for the Summer camp. It was really fun, I made friends from Spain, Italy, China and Russia. My favourite bit was excursions and I really liked the group projects we got to do as well as the English lessons because I got to work with my new friends. I want to come back next year!

Dima from Russia, 14yrs  I stayed at the Summer Camp this year. I’ve never been to England before and was nervous about mixing with students from other countries but then I was happy to see how nice everyone was. I’m a lower intermediate student and it was great to practice my English and my school teacher now says I’ve definitely improved. I want to come back to the Summer Camp every year! Big Thank You to The White Apple Company and Dasha White who has done everything she could to make me feel so welcome.

Feedback from Pavel (in Russian):



Marina – Group Leader, Russia  I am an English teacher from St Petersburg, it was my first time bringing children to England (on the 5+1 programme). We chose golive and study in Stratford upon Avon as it’s a beautiful town! It was very easy for me to communicate with the White Apple Company before we came over to England as the managing director speaks Russian. We had great support from her with visa applications and organising excursions. My students’English definitely improved during our three week stay and we were always kept busy throughout our stay. The host families were friendly and supportive. We loved our stay in England! Our day out in London was awesome I will definitely try to organise a group to bring back next year. Needless to say I was happy to have all my expenses in the UK paid for. Thank you!

Zara, 32, Almaty  I studied Business English in London for 3 weeks and had a great time I wanted to achieve a maximum result so I enrolled for 6 hours a day studies. Even though it was very intense I managed to see a lot in my spare time. I visited British museums, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussaud’s, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Millennium Eye just to name a few! The college location is ideal for an inquisitive mind as it is right in the centre of London on Oxford Street – the busiest street for shopping in the world – just make sure you take a big suitcase if you’re a shopaholic like me!

Lena, 36 and Nastia 8, Orel, Russia  It was my first trip to England with my 8 year old daughter and I couldn’t be happier with the individual English programme we chose. While my daughter was having her English lessons with the teacher, I had some time for shopping, relaxing at the spa and sightseeing in London. I’m very happy with my daughter’s progress with her English and I even had few lessons to brush up on my business English as well.




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